Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Layan lagu kanak2 jap :)

Three Bears Song -Korea-

Gom se-mari-ga

Han ji-be isseo

Appa gom, omma gom, ae-gi gom

Appa go-meun tung tung hae

Omma go-meun nal-shin-hae

Ae-gi go-meun neo-moo ki-yeo-wo

Eu-sseuk, eu-sseuk, jal-han-da

Enjet-enjet semut

Enjet-enjet semut, siapa sakit naik atas X4
You may have burger, we have ketupat
You may have Bruce Lee, we have Hang Jebat
You have Playstation, we fly Wau Bulan
You ride dragonboat oi! oi!, we ride our sampan

Hey, you have your Ah-Lian, we have our Minah
You wear your sari, they wear kebaya
Friendly and pretty, sexy dasyatnya
No need for flowers oi! oi! , crazy for Vespa

Enjet-enjet semut, siapa sakit naik atas X4
Soccer and guitar, it is in our blood
We sing at void deck, sorry if too loud
We don't mean no harm, we share happiness
Do not hesitate oi! oi! , come down and join us

Hey, some say we laid back, some don't understand
Listen I explain, we have masterplan
We don't aim this world, we aim here-after
Working hard all day oi! oi! , rilek one corner

Enjet-enjet semut, siapa sakit naik atas X4
Humble and modest, we like it simple
Slowly but surely, no need to struggle
This short song I sing, for you to ponder
If you disagree oi! oi!, see who live longer

Coming from kampung, peaceful and stress free
Sopan and adat, takes priority
Gotong and royong, one big family
Peaceful and loving oi! oi! , that's Malay to me X2
You may have Britney oi! oi! , we love our Siti

Enjet-enjet semut, siapa sakit naik atas X4




Cik Yuyun Nadira said...

comel ken lagu korea tuh ^^,

Susen Nana said...

Cik Yuyun : yep comel macam kamu.. hehhe ~

::ini belog saya . cinta hati saya:: said...

halamak . comel jep . hehe sweet :)

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